Client Testimonials

Clients Give Feedback On Engaging With Clear Seas Research.

Client feedback means a lot to us because we work very hard to ensure that a partnership with Clear Seas Research provides the insights needed to make decisions and take action. Below are client testimonials about our people, our work and how partnering with Clear Seas Research has been of benefit to them.

For years we always said that our products were the best and most well known in the industry and finally one of our largest customers asked us to prove it. My first thought was that I don’t have time to do this myself and I wasn’t sure how to get started. We contacted Clear Seas and asked them if they could help and they quickly took over the entire project, writing questions, working with the professional markets and gathering all the results in a simple recap presentation. The end result verified what we have been saying all along and we retained our business and saved millions of dollars in sales. Thanks Clear Seas!

– Vice President of Product Development.

The (Water Heater) CLEAReport is an extremely valuable tool that provides us with industry positioning and customer feedback. It’s our annual measuring stick against the competition, with important opinions from our customer’s point of view.

– Director – Corporate Advertising; Water Heater Manufacturer

Clear Seas Research has helped us to capture valuable research on new and existing customer segments providing us the information to help formulate our distribution, sales and product development strategies. The data provided by Clear Seas is thorough, accurate and presented in a clear, concise format for easy interpretation.

– Director of Marketing & Product Management; Tile Installation Products Manufacturer

Conducting surveys in partnership with Clear Seas has enabled our organization to reach executives outside of our own propriety database. The information gathered has enabled us to provide timely reports to our clients and prospects regarding the latest trends throughout the Supply Chain.”

– Marketing Manager, Consumer and Industrial Products

Without a doubt, CLEAReports provide us with the most insightful user data that’s available for our primary markets. We have turned to Clear Seas on multiple occasions for our own research projects. Their service is always impeccable, and the integrity of their research methods gives us great confidence in the data.

– Vice President of Marketing Communications, Global Precision Systems Manufacturer

The CLEAReport study on (HVAC) dealer brands awareness is insightful as it presents an array of data points to differentiate the OEM brands among the dealer population.

– Vice President, HVAC Distributor

In my role, I get pulled in many different directions and I need a research supplier that has deep industry knowledge, can execute the project without a lot of hand-holding, and – most importantly – is a partner I can trust and Clear Seas has delivered on all these aspects. The account team has done an excellent job handling our annual awareness & usage study and providing meaningful and actionable results. The most important asset to me is that Clear Seas has a strong understanding of our target audience, so I never have to spend a lot of time explaining or back-stopping. Every project runs smoothly.

– Market Research Analyst, HVAC Manufacturer

Research partners in the HVAC industry are few and far between, and most are not very accurate or reliable. Clear Seas Research has provided consistent and reliable data to our organization for several years. Beyond the accuracy of the data, their staff is helpful and very accommodating with special request for additional information or detailed analysis of provided survey information.

– Director of Communications, HVAC Manufacturer

Clear Seas Research has been a very valuable asset to our business. We have used them for numerous qualitative and quantitative studies because they have a strong expertise in our industry, and they are very good at talking through and understanding our business objectives up front to craft the right research to help us gain relevant insights to better understand our customer’s perceptions and needs. The results of their research and analytics ultimately helps our company make better business decisions.

– Director Channel Marketing, Tile Installation Products Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer with diverse customers, I value the detailed research and reports that Clear Seas is able to deliver based on our specific audience requirements. The ability to trend data is an important component and one that Clear Seas ensures is part of on-going research programs.

– Director, Corporate Communications & Public Relations

  • Excellent and outstanding quality of research , analysis and results presentation
  • Very adaptable and flexible to customer needs throughout the process; very helpful interactive process with input and collaboration.
  • Delivered study results on time and fully met project timelines

– Business Development Manager – Global Nutrition, Food Ingredient Supplier

Our decision to partner with Clear Seas Research to understand drivers that affect customer satisfaction in our industry space has been extremely valuable. We have been able to use the data to guide and make business decisions that have had direct positive impact to our bottom line.

– Director, Marketing, Food Ingredient Supplier