Customer Experience Research

Learn How Customer Experience Research Will Benefit Your Brand Equity And Improve Customer Relations

Understanding the total customer experience, while placing the customer at the center of the decision-making process, is an approach used to help good companies become great. Customers expect excellent products/services at competitive prices and in some instances are willing to pay a premium for a specific brand or product. Companies today are differentiating themselves from competitors by becoming more customer focused and delivering a superior customer relationship experience.

The Clear Seas Research approach to customer experience research evaluates your relationship with your customers at all touch points from initial awareness to repeat purchasing and brand advocacy. We collect industry driven data to measure all areas of the relationship, provide the ability to trend results to identify key drivers of change, and provide feedback on point-in-time transactions.

You may be interested in uncovering answers to the following:

  • How well does our business model meet customer needs/expectations?
  • What can be done to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and customer retention?
  • How do we perform relative to competitors?
  • What areas for customer service improvement should be address?
  • Are customers reacting positively to recent changes?
  • Do customers believe our performance has improved over the past 12 months?
  • How satisfied are customers with our most recent event or product launch?
  • Is our content marketing strategy providing customers with the information most desired/valued?
  • Is our level of involvement in social media in line with customer expectations?

Clear Seas Research will develop a customized research solution measuring various elements of your customers’ experience; and, if desired, relative to competitive offerings. The results will enable you to better engage with customers to develop stronger relationships that will stand the test of time, ultimately resulting in more business for your organization.

Contact Clear Seas Research to learn more about how to provide your customers with the most engaging total experience to foster more brand advocates.